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04 December 2011 @ 10:52 pm
Skittles: Farewell 10.0  

Hi again!  I'm sure you can tell by the title but yes, this is the last chapter.  I thought who better than to grace the last cover than Emily.  Just to recap, Arizona was about to give birth to the tenth generation.  Let's go shall we?

With her parents moved out, Arizona invited Emily over.

Emily didn't stay long before she headed home.
Arizona:  You are so awesome.
There's no one there.  *raises eyebrow*

Owen in all his cuteness finished scouting.  :3

Um this is just awkward...  

Finally, the baby is born.  :D  It's a little boy who is named Richard.  Richard is evil and easily impressed.  Not like it matters but yeah.  :P

I grew him up because I was interested to see what his genetics would be after all the previous generation had black hair.

Oh God.  Let's fix him, pronto!

Aww he's rather cute even if the only thing about him that is Jude is the brown hair.  :3


You're back!  And for good I hope.  :D
Emily:  Did you miss me?  
Yes, you and your....

.....Crazy... *shakes head*

Emily meets Richard.  

Jude:  What do you mean you're ending it now?
Calm down, Jude.  We all knew this was coming... :l

Jude:  I'm just so mad.  I didn't even get in that many shots!
Does it help there's going to be a party?

Jude:  Yay a party!!

I had Arizona invite all the Skittles who were still alive.  
There's Mark, Lexie, Callie's youngest Ashlee, and her husband, Barry.

Of course, Maisy.
Maisy:  Can you tell them to move so I can get in the house?

Alex!  In a hurry.  XD

Callie and Lexie.  Lexie we can't see you waving if your hand is in the door...

Maisy:  Lol, this is really it?
Yep afraid so.

Alex:  Mom shutup!  You're killing my ears.

We have a nice little bonfire while Jude plays the guitar.  

Arizona:  We did good.  
I like to think so.  : D  I'm sad to see it end.  I wanted to go a little further maybe but my laptop just can't handle it.  It's been fun though.  A lot of fun, that's for sure.  :]

At last, it's time for everyone to say goodbye.

Some are sad....  Aww don't cary Clare!

Yet, others are happy to go.  

Still others are just tired.  

Some of the ghosts show up for the last time.  Bye Kate and Garrett.  You two were evilly fun.  :D

So do, Dustin and Geoffrey.  Dustin was the first heir.  And Geoffrey was Emily's first love.

The gnomes seem to know it's the end too and they clump together.  ;3

Morning comes and Emily heads out to a new life.  The last time we'll see the legacy house.  

She settles into a new house, a smaller house for just herself.

Until the doorbell rings.
Emily:  I wonder who that is.  

I'll bet you can guess who but if not, it's Cocaine Chimeree from another rainbowcy that is famous.  He was once involved with Emily.

Emily:  Coke!  It's you.  It's been ages.  I've missed you!
Coke:  I've missed you too!

Emily asks Coke to live with her.  He accepts and the two get comfy to watch Tv. 

Where they'll go and what they'll do they aren't sure.  But Emily will surely have an amazing story to tell having seen and been through most of a legacy full of color.  The end.  :]

It's over.  Can you believe it?  I hardly can.  It seems like just yesterday that I was plopping Maggie down in Twinbrook.  This has been a lot emotions:  happy, funny, sad, frustration, patience, and awesome (yeah I made that an emotion XD).  Seriously though.  After nearly a bazillion moves (mostly through the end), my desktop crapping out and not letting me boot up games, and other random problems, I'm glad it's done and I had people to push me on. 

A big thank you to all my readers.  This couldn't be without the encouragement I've received!  The hugest thank you and shout out ever to Swatme101, Lola001, Summer, and SilverShadow391 from Snooty's and from Boolprop, Puddinroy   You guys rock so much words can't express! 

Lastly thank to my sims, Maggie, Storm, Dustin, Sarah, Bobbie, Heather, Keith, Bryson, Emily, Geoffrey, Matt, Andy, Sean, Penny, Kate, Marques, Garrett, Walker, Josie, Fairytale, Cristina, Meredith, Mark, April, Devin, Lexie, Calliope, Maisy, Arizona, Alex, Jackson, Owen, Izzie, George, and Richard!  And all the others who were part of the story.  :3

P.S:  Since I will be playing Coke and Emily, you can expect to find pics from their adventures but likely I'll move them to a Tumblr.
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alexinationalexination on December 8th, 2011 02:41 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, congrats! :D I'm sad I didn't have time to catch up before you finished but I'm so excited for you :) You did so good and I just hope I'll too be finishing my Legacy! CONGRATS!