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04 December 2011 @ 07:59 pm
Skittles: Almost There 9.5  

Wow, look, the 10th gen is here.  Goodbye, go away!  I'm kidding!  :D  That's Izzie.  And Arizona isn't home right now.  Her eyes are roaming around in her head.  But anyways, last update, the triplets grew into YAs, the twins (George and Izzie) were born, and Amethyst grew into an old cat.  Annnnnd Arizona is the the heir to bring in the last child of the legacy.  :D  So without further ado, let's go.  70 something under the cut.  

We find Owen still being the most adorable thing ever.  <3

And Arizona goes spouse hunting.  This one, Cornell, was her romantic interest from the prom.  

Arizona:  Is he the one?...

Nope, this one is!  Tis Jude, my simsefl's son.  XD

Arizona:  Do you want to be in a legacy?  It's fun!
Jude:  That's not what my Mom says... and I have a girlfriend, Vicki.

Back at home the children all have birthdays.  :]

George:  Heywo!
Aww he's waving.

Owen has his turn.  :3  I give him the angler trait.  It goes well since he loves the outdoors.  He's also excitable.

And lastly, Izzie.  Notice, every single one of the six kids got Maisy's black hair.  Grrr...

What is he looking at you ask?

Yep, Dustin is perving on a kid.  Sicko.  XD

I feel a ghost!fight about to erupt between Maggie and Sean.  

Arizona:  What's that smell?
Izzie:  *slips one out*


Penny:  Dagflabbit thing just poked me in the eye.

Just Arizona being lovely.  :3

Chill out guys, you can both go in.

Arizona:  Laaalkoejk
Are you sure you want to be with her?
Jude:  Yeah I think.  She's pretty and this house is great and all.

Mark, what are you doing?
Mark:  I don't like this kid.  She'll kill me with her eyes.

Owen:  Amethyst, do you know how to do math?
Amethyst:  Meow?

I get Maisy, Owen, and Arizona out of the house for a bit by sending them to the fishing hole.

Wild horses are <333

OMG, so is the falcon.  :D

Owen:  I'm not any good at this.  :l
Just keep trying sugar!

:D  And right after the horse ran away?  Either that or it disappeared.  XD

Back at home, I find George watching Tv.  Too cute.  

Owen:  I just remembered we have a computer!  Score!  

Jude chats up Mark.  Good move to in the good graces of the father of the girl you hope to be with.

Maisy you're playing video games?  :O  There are kids to tend to.
Maisy:  Don't bother me I'm about to....

Maisy:  Dammit you made my character die.
Sorry!  Eeep.

Arizona:  I have a little brother named George.  Do you have a little brother?
Jude:  No, I only have a little sister named Michaela.

I decide to have Arizona go visit a few people to make friends.  First, we head over to Callie's house where we find her son, Clare (haha I got confused when story progression prompted for a name, don't judge me XD), and daughter, Ashlee.

Arizona:  Haha, so your name is really Clare?
Clare:  It's not that funny anymore...

Next up is Emily's house.  I like this house.  It's cute.  :3

Glad to see Emily still looks the same.  :D

This is her son, Stefan.  He's cute.  Looks so much like Emily though.

Back at home Owen is extremely cute watching the ants.  :3

And Maisy is a fabulous mother.  I think she's the best all legacy.

More Owen cuteness.  <3

Arizona:  Baby, you should leave Vicki, that little girl can't appreciate you.  What do you say?
Jude:  Well okay, yeah you have a point.  

Arizona:  We can get drunk and scr... I mean do things.

Arizona:  Close your eyes, I have something for you.
Jude:  *closes eyes*

More plans.  Let's leave them to it.  XD

After their *plans* they head out for a date.

Where they start dating.  

Are they not adorable?  :D  It's going so well so....

She asks him to marry her.  

And of course he says yes.  :3

Vicki:  Boyfriend stealer.
Arizona:  Bitch please.
Omg, she's still a teen.  XD

Since he has the loner trait, I thought a quiet beach wedding would be nicer for them.


Back at home, Owen is killing with his cuteness.

Arizona whips out her guitar.  She's level 5 by now.

The ghosts throw a gaming party in the family room.  HI MAGGIE, CRISTINA, AND STORM!!

And of course there's more perving on Owen.  For shame, Maggie!

Lalala I wonder :P

The twins are cute even if they do look pretty much exactly like their older siblings.

Arizona:  OMG I'm married!
Really?  I don't see a ring.

Arizona:  And I'm preganant.  Awww...
She doesn't miss much does she?  *cough*

Jackson:  Hey sis, look at my big guns.  I've been working out.  Nice right?

Arizona:  Yeah they're nice but I want to tell you, I'm pregnant.  
Jackson:  Really?  

Jackson:  That's really great, sis!

Emily:  Wait a second, I'm doing something.

Emily:  Where the hell am I?  

Begging like a dog will not get you more pictures in the update, though it may get you a trip to the loony bin.  *sigh*

Jude works on his martial arts.  He has a LTW invovling it.  XD

Arizona:  I love my husband sooooo much.

Whoops spoke too soon...

Arizona:  My husband is such a jerk.  Why is he a jerk?  Tell me why!
Owen:  Calm down, I don't know why.  Sheesh.

Since the save is about to die for the billionth time and I'm scared something bad is going to happen after a memory error I had, I move Mark, Maisy and the twins out.
Maisy:  Take care hunny.  I know you'll do a good job.

Mark:  But I don't want to leave Arizona.  :l

The next chapter is the last.  I hope you'll like it.  :D
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